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Click on my Signature to get navigated to the relevant thread for my interests. They are long and varied, and the format is better suited to a forum post.

Here is some additional identification information that didn't have a space below...

steam: Miss TARDIS
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Nov 1 2014, 04:33 PM
There are a lot of really cool things on our server, and many of them are ongoing projects. However, if you don't have access or time to access it, you can come here and see some nice pictures I've got of projects that I think are just really cool. It's not just my stuff that I post (and I probably won't post many of my builds in an effort to maintain humility), but a kind of "best of" for my wanderings and sight-seeing in Minecraft.
Oct 3 2014, 10:56 PM
Mr. Black is the High Emperor
Violita is the Grand Empress, Spymaster of the Black Imperial Legion
King Atticus is The Great Patrician

Miss TARDIS is the Steward of the Black Empire
Nomad will be the Chief of War, Lieutenant Colonel of the Order of the Marksmen
Toast shall be the Grand Marshal
Dondeco is the Duke of the Eastern Shore
Grendel is a court bard, the Prophetic Storyteller
Ghost is an Imperial Assassin, of the Order that Doesn't Exist
MnSoccer28 is the Imperial Taco Master and Culinary Executive
Jack is the Imperial Strategist, Ser Jack of the Black
Sep 20 2014, 12:43 AM
Here I have collected the questions brought up in the stream Friday (9/19/14) in a 'Table of Contents' format. Some of these were answered briefly by Mr. Black and Violita directly in the stream, but for those who missed it or prefer having a textually based reference this is the place! This is also the place for any (relevant) miscellaneous questions you come up with. Think of this as your Play-by-Post Information Desk or an Interactive FAQ Interface. If you think of a question please post it here (or PM it to me if you prefer anonymity) and I will edit this post to reflect the new question and link to where the answer can be found.

I promise to make everything as clean and seamless as possible! Links and color coding, for easy reference and navigation, will be deployed with great enthusiasm. General (non-situational) questions which have been answered are colored blue and link directly to the post that answers them. I have made the question part of situational hypotheses green to easily pick out the question, and that part will also be hyperlinked after it has been answered.

If there is a previously-asked question but it does not provide the information you were seeking, try to address your specific interest and then submit your question. If you have an answer or reference for someone else's question(s) then feel free to post them here as well. I will always keep this post updated with links to the original source data (because I have been thoroughly trained to respect the chain of credit, origins, and sourcing).

Requested Data Regarding:
stat stuff (found through the Pathfinder SRD link, and then find whichever specific topic you were looking for on the page it leads to)
information related to and advice concerning character creation and acquainting oneself with the basics of Pathfinder
Playable Races List
setting (world background data) (of our starting town)
story line/plot

Theoretical & Hypothetical Situations:
"say I create a character with Automail-like prosthetic arms... will that work well in the story?" // "I meant like... Automail. It's from the Full Metal Alchemist universe. It's a prosthetic that can be used by anyone.. including edward who can transmute stuff though his metal arm"

"Will we be doing this multiple times in varying universes?"

"Who here has seen Avatar the last airbender or Legend of Korra? // Would stuff like that work in this universe? // In Legend of Korra.. there's a female Waterbender who has bent water to replace her arms. // And I believe there was also a certain country where the guards there can bend stone to replace their hands."

"What age is the universe of pathfinder? // China around the bronze and iron ages were quite advanced. [as the desired country of origin]"

"Is it possible to play an asian (or asian style) race?" (placed under theoreticals because it is a specific query regarding a "country 'port" rather than a straight up inquiry regarding playable races)
Jul 12 2014, 01:42 PM
Greetings and Felicitations!

I know I can be long-winded and not everyone is interested in learning about me, so I'll consolidate the 'staff relevant information' up in the top half and leave the second half for more personal introductions.

First things first: I am a moderator and staff on these fine and lovely forums for Last Level Press. Come to me when you have questions, need help with anything, or just want someone to chat with and lend an ear.
I don't want to get into prior claims or declarations of sincerity. As far as I'm concerned: as long as we're on this forum, we all care enough as fans of LLP to be here and go out of our way to show our support and devotion, and that's enough for me.

The email address accessible from my profile gets immediately synced with my phone (I love technology sometimes). I don't know how much of a delay the site PM notification email has, but emails are usually easier to read than PMs while mobile anyway.

My steam profile is
Miss TARDIS though if that doesn't work and you can't find me through other friends lists, send me a PM and we'll sort it from there.

As with everything else now, the past, and in the future, if there's anything I can do or say, please don't hold back; just let me know.

My default 'staff state' with people is to be earnestly helpful, so while I'll try not to be annoying, just know that I'm always willing to assist or advise (or point in the direction of more knowledgeable parties).

Okay! Staff stuff is handled. On to hobbies and time-sinks!

I spend most of my time reading and writing (always have and probably always will), though I do find lots of time in my days for games (video and occasionally tabletop).

My read/write material is vastly varied, and if that interests you all you have to do is ask - but I'm not going to bore what I think will be most of you, even though my personal opinion is: "Literature is the best thing in the universe." I will simply leave this at a simple explanation: I write in my own worlds, and in other people's worlds (fan fiction); in typical novel format, but also in role play (the likes of old text-based turn-based RPGs); and I have numerous enough characters with so much backstory that they demand excel spreadsheets to help me keep track of them.

Right now I'm not following any television series', though I am quite a solid fan of the Podcast "Welcome to Night Vale", the BBC series "Doctor Who" (if my name didn't give me away), and the widely temporally diverse Television Universe "Star Trek". I am an anime afficcionado, but I think I'll leave that information to queries much the same way as my read/write material. Or the Anime section. >_>

Games that I've play recently are limited (only coincidentally) to minecraft, and the occasional short relaxation stint in games like 'Super Hexagon' and 'Symphony'. I've picked back up my MMORPG habit with 'Age of Wushu' and 'Path of the Exile' and the occasional foray into 'Tera'. I also really really like puzzles and mystery games (see: portal, nancy drew, syberia). I've updated my steam library to show non-steam games that I enjoy playing (and that I have on my pc), so that may be able to give you an even more comprehensive idea of what I enjoy. I mentioned on a stream recently that I once made a duct-tape deck pouch, so I guess it's time for some clarity there. I have a history in 'Magic: The Gathering', though I do have a deck of YGO cards which has only seen a few duels many years ago. >_> I think it's relevant to note here that the only D20 tabletop game that I've played in my memorable past is D&D (Pathfinder), and it is the best fun! I think there are some interesting things to come in that area, and I am very excited! Though, in just 'tabletop' genre, I love "Risk: Global Domination" and "Settlers of Catan" like there's no tomorrow.

I do tend also to be crafty, and by that I mean that I make things with my hands (though I do have quite a trickster streak in me that I can't quite suppress all the time). Knitting and Crochet and Needlepoint and sewing are all suitably weird and mothball-worthy things that I'm quite good at presently, though I don't have much motivation to do anything more complicated than scarves and arm-warmers. :3

I can't believe I nearly forgot about my passion for languages, but I did, so there you go. For shame! More to the point, I love languages and the art of communication. Whether is is between humans, or with a metal and silicon-based intelligence structure, I get enthralled almost immediately. I'm lucky for my passion to have manifested in this way, and I would not have it any other way! I love coding, and sometimes it's easier for me to explain a concept in those terms - for which I apologize in advance - and it may take me thrice as long to come up with a suitable 'normal person' explanation in plain English. I haven't done serious coding in quite a while, for lack of anything to code for, but it's still something that refuses to die completely. In the realm of human languages, I am particularly drawn to Japanese. I do eventually want to learn Mandarin and Russian, but that is a task for the future. I'm pretty close to fluency in Japanese, but there are a lot of words I don't know yet, and the Kanji are difficult to learn by my learning style (which favors auditory input and self-experience).

Last, but certainly in no consideration least: My very close friendship with the founders of LLP. They may as well be my family, and are very dear to my heart. I am honored to be Violita's Maid of Honor in upcoming wedding between Mr. Black and Violita, and I can only hope to one day return the favor. ♥ I know what I said above, about prior claims and etc., but these people have helped shape who I am and what I am like to such a great degree it feels incomplete to leave this introduction without giving them some credit. For this reason alone I have mentioned it, and to explain the bizarre thought-connection that sometimes happens between Violita and myself.
I will never, in any way, lord this over anyone else - and I know the founders share my decision.

I think that's quite enough of me talking about myself. Now it's your turn!
Make a thread for yourself in this subforum and wax lyrical about your passions and interests! Or stream-of-consciousness your way through introductions. Any way you choose to do so is totally fine (just remember the rules), so long as you understand that we really want to get to know everyone here. By 'we' I mean an 'inclusive community: we'. I know there are more of us than those who make it to the streams, and would relish the opportunity to meet as many of my fellow fans as possible!

Hopefully I haven't lost you somewhere along the way, but that's all I have to say about that.
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