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Nov 11 2014, 02:41 PM
So hey guys, on the realms server I have been working on my farm. Its not to far from the the Miss_Tardis and My teleporter once you go through. Exact cords? About X:522 Z:1607 so yeah if you want to go take a look for yourself or look at da images here feel free to do so! biggrin.gif :Link to imgur for the pic's
Oct 27 2014, 10:24 PM
I was playing MC and I thought it'd be nice to have some banners to identify each of us or each little group and sub group in the realm atm. So I wupped up some banners and here are my ideas for the

LLP Banner:,D7fnGgp,SbwyOeH#0

Tardis&PapercraftThorin(WingsofMC) Banner:,D7fnGgp,SbwyOeH#1

Choose which of the LLP Banners you like best or if i should edit any of them and I'll either mass produce or edit...

OH ALSO this picture is a picture of me and Tardis's base. tongue.gif,D7fnGgp,SbwyOeH#2
Oct 25 2014, 06:01 PM
So its a steampunk planet your out of matierials so the planet decides to make a giant tower that shreds matierials from outdated machines and then make robots which will then make the first spaceship on this planet which will go to a nearby planet that is entirely made of stone and ores and what not anyway so yeah but the people who created the tower didnt estimate how much matierial they had left they just thought it would be enough turns out it wasnt and the matierial that was used was for the bots whos programing makes them take the parts from the tower and build the ship sadly they dont have any so they turn on each other to either build the ship or finish themselves. Eventually the humans go to checkup on the progress of the robots and during this one of the humans is mistaken for robot parts and is uh shredded apart by the robot forcing the humans to destroy the robot and eventually recognize that they screwed up major league so now their on a quest to destroy every robot in this mega tower
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