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 Fallout 4 Perk Overhaul Ideas
 Posted: Mar 8 2016, 07:35 AM



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Original post:

So I’ve been thinking.

More specifically about Fallout 4’s leveling and perk system.

Instead of having perk levels locked behind arbitrary level caps, why not have a requirement of using whatever skill or ability x number of times to gain access to the next perk level?

And it’s not like Bethesda haven’t done something like this before (Skyrim anyone?). The game engine is even the same, albeit with a few upgrades.

There are some perks where this wouldn’t work, mostly in the Luck tree. However, these cases could just keep the current system and still work fine.

So under this new system, the Gunslinger perk tree for example would require, let’s say 25 sidearm kills (10mm Pistol, .44 Magnum, Pipe Pistol etc.) to be allowed to take Level 2 next player level.

This overhaul would also open up a lot of opportunities in game-play from settlements at vendors and more.

Settlements would get constructions that allow the player and settlers to train specific attributes like a firing range to train weapons aptitude and so on (something that was a big part of Fallout Shelter by the way).

Certain vendors could also be available as paid tutors. In Diamond City alone Arturo in Commonwealth Weaponry could train gun skill, Vadim and/or Yefim in the Dugout Inn could help with speech, Dr. Sun at Mega Surgery could better the player’s medical aptitude and Moe Cronin at Swatters would increase the power of melee attacks.

There are many more, but I think I’ve made my point. And as it seems the devs have either not thought of this or decided against it, I invoke what has become my moniker for this game and say

Modders Get On It!
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